Company Values

Our Guidelines in Serving You

Safety is one of the core values ​​that we hold high in our service.

We recognize the importance of safety from various aspects:

  • proper handling and care of customers’ cargo entrusted to us
  • certification required for our fleet crew members and equipping them with knowledge of regulations and vehicle supplies
  • regular checkups and scheduled maintenance for our fleet
  • being thoughtful of the safety of other road users.

Committed to customer satisfaction is another core value that we hold as high. From the way we interact with our customers, respond to feedback in the form of suggestions or complaints, carry out our routine responsibilities to how we serve our customers; we are determined to deliver a professional service for you. This value shapes the integrity of our company and distinguishes us from others.


Performing high quality service is essential for us. We always conduct operational analysis to ensure our services are efficient, effective and optimal. We constantly improve our service quality so that you receive the best service from the start.


The solid teamwork of our employees, all 400 men and women, is another value we are proud of. We are aware that the quality of our human resources can not guarantee the quality of our services without being supported by the synergy of each element of our company.