The Distance We Have Driven

PT Gajah Mas Antarniaga was founded by Bambang Suwito in 1992 as UD Gajah Mas with a purpose to provide a competent transportation service for bussiness and manufacturers.


From our humble beginnings as a small company that provided cargo transportation for Surabaya and the immediate surroundings, we have always commited to perform satisfying, high-quality service for our customers. Our satisfied first customers recommended us to others. Soon after, we were trusted to provide transportation services for some of the most respected companies in the country.

The increase in demand encouraged us to evolve our fleet to meet the load capacity and range capability needed by our customers. Later in 2007, we decided to greatly expand our company in order to become one of the major supply-chain transportation providers in Java and Bali. Thenceforth, we continuosly work to rejuvenate and expand our fleet in alignment with the fast-growth rate of our company. The expansions of our fleet variety and quantity have always been supported by improvements in service quality. We consistently perform top-quality service to stay ahead of the competition in the industry.


The company’s leadership baton is now held by David Suwito, son of the founder of PT Gajah Mas Antarniaga. With visionary and persistently-customer-oriented management, the company has been experiencing exponential growth.


With a fleet that excels in quality and quantity, our commitment and dedication to our customers continue to improve. We are fully aware that refining the quality of our services unceasingly is the key to our success in helping your business grow.

25 Years of Experience in Logistics